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Priority Integration Sector Awards


Priority Integration Sector Awards

Priority Integration Sectors - Excellence Awards

Outstanding performance and presence in the ASEAN Economic Community Priority Integration Sectors. Includes the recognition of integration and connectivity between ASEAN business owned and operated by the applicant.
Subcategories: Agro-based, Automotive, Retail, e-ASEAN, Electronics, Fisheries, Healthcare, Logistics, Rubber-based, Textiles, Tourism, and Wood-based.

E-ASEAN winner: DeClout Limited, Kok Khun Wong (SINGAPORE)

Situated in Singapore and operating in 100
countries across Asia Pacific, the Americas,
Europe, and Africa, DeClout Limited is a global
builder of next-generation cloud, data centers,
telecommunications, e-commerce, e-logistics
and marketplaces companies. Capitalizing on
technological advancements, DeClout seeks
opportunities within the industry of Information
communications and Technology and from
thereon create business models and plans that
are both progressive and sustainable. Portfolio
companies of DeClout operate through either of its
two business segments – Information Technology
(IT) Infrastructure Sales and Services, and the
Vertical Domain Clouds.

Companies operating within the IT Infrastructures
Sales and Services segment are involved in the
provision of systems for telecommunications,
network, and security, as well as equipment and
supplies for such whilst companies operating
within the Vertical Domain Clouds segment
endeavor to create domain programmes that
facilitate new businesses, transform existing ones,
and thus affect lifestyle trends across Asia.

DeClout began as a technology startup in 2010
and later became a listed company in the 2012
Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.
By April 2017, DeClout, in partnership with Spring
Singapore, launched an incubator arm for the
enhancement of local start-ups within the ICT
industry in Singapore.

LOGISTICS winner: Asian Marine Transport Corp., Paul Rodriguez (PHILIPPINES)

With a mission to deliver beyond what is expected,
the Asian Marine Transport Corporation (AMTC)
is a Philippine registered ship company famously
known to be the operator of the Super Shuttle
Ferry, Super Shuttle Roll On/Roll off (RoRo), and
Shuttle Fast Ferry Vessels. To date, AMTC is the
largest tonnage owner within the Philippines,
operating within thirty-two (32) of forty-six (46)
ports of call.

AMTC was one of the pioneers for the
development of the Strong Republic Nautical
Highway, a mapped set of roads and ports that
connect the three largest islands of the Philippine
Archipelago – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
The opening of this highway in 2003, under the
Macapagal-Arroyo administration, has immensely
facilitated both the movement of people and
goods within the country. On a larger scale,
AMTC also moves to contribute towards ASEAN
integration through the facilitation of international
trade, investment, tourism, and development
made possible by the launch of the ASEAN RoRo
Connectivity in April 2017, of which it is the lead.

For almost two decades, AMTC has continued
to innovate so as to expand and improve its
operations, to collapse borders and move beyond


WOOD-BASED winner: Nature’s Legacy Eximport, Pedro Delantar (PHILIPPINES)

Nature’s Legacy began as a rattan manufacturer
in the early 1980’s. It was through the continuous
collaboration of husband and wife team Mr.
and Mrs. Pete and Cathy Delantar that Nature’s
Legacy grew to be the global manufacturer of
home furnishings and garden accessories it is
today. Based in the Philippine capital of furniture
– Cebu – in the municipality of Compostela,
Nature’s Legacy is well renowned for advocating
green practice through the use of eco-friendly,
alternative materials such as stonecast,
brauncast, nucast, naturecast, and marmorcast in
the creation of its art pieces.

Their endeavor towards sustainable development
and a more environmental friendly production of
goods has garnered them recognition and awards
such as the 2015 Green Supply Leadership Award
from the Philippine Department of Environment
and Natural Resources, the 2012 Katha Awards
Best Eco-Design from Manila Fame International,
and the 2007 Excellence in Ecology and Economy
(E3), and Environment-Friendly Entrepreneur of the
Year from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce in
Industry and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, respectively.

In addition to being renowned for its use of
eco-friendly materials, Nature’s Legacy also
sources locally so as to benefit local economy
and encourage its competitiveness, create job
opportunities, and promote the Filipino culture.
Nature’s Legacy however does not forget to give
back to its workforce and does so through a
variety of community projects like an employee
housing facility and educational program for
both the employees and their children. The rise to
success of Nature’s Legacy shows the essence of
coexistence between entrepreneurship and social


RUBBER: Kossan Rubber Industries, Kuang Sia Lim (MALAYSIA)

A recipient of the 2015 Excellence Award under the Priority Integration Sector of the ASEAN Business Awards, and listed by the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia in 1996 as one of the fastest growing companies in Malaysia, Kossan Rubber has continued to innovate and expand its operations thereby fortifying its reputation as one of the world’s largest latex disposable glove manufacturers. Capitalizing on technological advancements that enable research and development as well as business transformation in a rapidly changing environment, Kossan continues to be Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of rubber products, used for numerous industrial applications which is inclusive of, but not limited to infrastructure. 

For years, Kossan has encouraged its team to work with passion and commit to excellence in the actualization of its vision to be the respect global leader in the glove manufacturing industry. Fuelled by this passion and commitment to excellence, 
Kossan drives on the road of sustainability, proven by an unbroken profitability record in the world of business characterized by inconsistency. 

Despite the many successes and recognitions bestowed upon them, Kossan does not forget the essence of giving back. Under their Corporate Social Responsibility arm, Kossan established the Yayasan Kossan whose aim is to build a brighter tomorrow for underprivileged communities through education and society welfare. Kossan’s endeavor to serve with quality products and at the same time better communities within their country, through the foundation, demonstrate truth behind their long time corporate culture – caring. 


AGRI FOOD: Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Olivia Limpe-Aw (PHILIPPINES)

For over 160 years, Destileria Limtauco has offered Filipinos and various consumers across the globe with excellent distilled spirits, whiskies, brandies, gins, rums, vodkas, tequilas, cocktails, herbal and sweet wines, and original medicinal wines. Despite being the oldest distillery in the Philippines, Destileria Limtauco has embraced the changes and a challenge brought about by the passage of time, and has instead used this to continue their assurance of high quality liquor products.

In continuity of its mission to make Philippinemade products competitive in the global market, Destileria Limtauco’s current president Ms. Olivia Limpe Aw, shared with the Philippine Star in 2015 the corporation’s secret to success – innovation, professionalized operations, consolidated ownership, investment in relationships, fair dealings, integrity, hard work, maintenance of hunger, vision, passion and persistence. 


HEALTHCARE: PT Kalbe Farma, Vidjongtius (INDONESIA)

As health continues to be one of the defining factors of a nation’s productivity, Kalbe Farma, since its establishment in 1966, has continued to expand its business and interests through innovation that strengthens research and development. At present, Kalbe Farma is today’s provider of an integrated healthcare solution and is Indonesia’s leading pharmaceutical company and largest healthcare provider, and the Southeast Asian Region’s largest publicly listed pharmaceutical company. Operating with the aim to improve health for a better life, Kalbe’s products are inclusive of prescription pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs.

Kalbe also actualizes “Health for a better life” through its commitment to the empowerment of communities. Kalbe believes that the empowerment of communities is achieved by striving for equilibrium between economic, social, and environmental performance. Kalbe provides underprivileged communities with greater access to healthcare services, emphasizes the essence
of life science as a means to an overall better life, advocates towards the betterment of one’s environment, and creates infrastructure that have significant meaning and contribution to the improvement of a community’s public health.


TOURISM: Air Asia, Tony Fernandes (MALAYSIA)

Air Asia is no stranger to the ASEAN Business Awards, being a recipient of the Priority Integration Sector – Excellence Award for Aviation in 2015. Operating in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and India, Air Asia has contributed significantly to the movement of people to and within the region through its provision of low cost air travel. A multiple time recipient of the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, conferred by the Londonbased aviation research group Skytrax, Air Asia has become the leading and largest low-cost airline in Asia, traveling to over 100 destinations.

Understanding their primary responsibility for the lives of its people on board, Air Asia ensures safe and high quality products for service. To compliment safety, Air Asia also works to provide its clients with comfort through rigorous training for its employees. 

While continuing to connect people across the globe and facilitate the movement of goods, and services, Air Asia has also contributed to the growth of tourism and the improvement of the overall economic activity as a result of these. Being a homegrown airline, Air Asia also hopes to effect social change within the region through the promotion of entrepreneurship carried out by the provision of grants and mentorship that will help make aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. 



Originating in the Philippines in 1986 with the vision of being the most admired Asian fashion brands company, GOLDEN ABC creates and sells its own clothing, accessory, footwear, and personal care lines.  These are produced, marketed, and retailed under a fast-growing, dynamic family of well-differentiated, proprietary brands: PENSHOPPE, OXYGEN, FORME, MEMO, REGATTA, and TYLER.  It also operates RED LOGO, a wholly-owned direct selling subsidiary.

GOLDEN ABC is a recognized pioneer in the Philippine fashion retail scene, leveraging the latest business innovations to grow all areas of its business, from operations and sales to design and professional partnerships. It was the first in the local retail industry to use bar coding and electronic data processing technology in tandem with department stores. GABC introduced and enforced top-of-the-line product and distribution control with its concessionaires, transforming the way retailers do their business. It was also the first in the industry to install SAP in its back-end Information Technology operations.  It continues to invest in its operations to support its rapidly expanding domestic and international business.

GOLDEN ABC also provides access to fashion to its multitude of customers by building a strong presence in the ASEAN region and around the globe with its 800 strategically located stores.  It now has presence in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, GOLDEN ABC was awarded in the ASEAN Centricity category by the ASEAN Business Awards Philippines. The company was recognized as a perfect model for many Filipino companies aiming to enter into the integrated ASEAN market in a position of strength.


SME Excellence Awards

SME Excellence Awards

SME Excellence Awards

Recognizes small, medium enterprises who have exhibited excellence with regards to growth, innovation, employment and CSR while contributing significantly to their respective economies and are on their way to becoming global players
Subcategories: Growth, Employment, Innovation, and CSR.


GROWTH: Kunna Groceries Co. Ltd. with Nasha Jungkankul (THAILAND)

Kunna is the pioneer premium-grade healthy snacks brand in Thailand’s snack souvenir market. It guarantees the use of the finest ingredients to create the tastiest goodies. It is guided by the strong belief that health and wellbeing should not be compromised while enjoying delicious-yet-guilt-free snacks. This venture was born out of the founder’s enthusiasm as a healthlover to offer her products as new alternatives for tourists coming to Thailand. These producsts are warmly received and highly recommended by tourists, appealing to the international market where various Kunna products have been imported. Today, Kunna is very popular. It has been ranked as the Best Selling Thai snacks souvenir in many leading department stores. It is eyeing to expand its business by being number one in the well-being market and becoming a listed company in 5 year’s time.



Lamoiyan prides itself as the first Filipino Company to successfully penetrate the local toothpaste industry that was long dominated by big multinationals and changed the dental care landscape of the Philippines as we know it. Its flagship brand, Hapee, offers an affordable alternative to international brands. It is determined to provide word-class quality products at inexpensive prices for the benefit urban and rural poor who do not have access to basic hygiene and dental care services. Due to its popularity, it has expanded overseas and is exported to many Southeast Asian countries.

Aside from thriving in business, Lamoiyan is also involved in diverse civic undertakings. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is deemed the company’s intrinsic aspect and all-important pillar. Lamoiyan is fueled by its corporate philosophy to make a difference for the glory of God. In line with this, one of the company’s admirable policies is its hiring of the hearing
impaired who comprise of about 30% of their total workforce. Apart from receiving equal opportunities, they are given training and proper attention. Notably, a good number of them are included in the list of Top 10 Best Performers of the company every year. Lamoiyan continues to excel in the local market, with Hapee’s release of new toothpaste’s new flavors and the addition of new product lines in the household and personal care segments through brands like Gumtect, Kutitap, Dazz and Licealiz.


EMPLOYMENT:  Zico Holdings Inc. with Dato Jasudasen Thambynathan (SINGAPORE)

ZICO made headlines as “one of the first law firms to expand horizontally into broader professional services” by adopting an Alternative Business Structure (ABS). The brand consists of ZICO Holdings Inc. (multidisciplinary professional services firm) and ZICO Law (a network of leading law firms). It became the ASEAN’s first, publicly listed multidisciplinary services firm found in each of the 10 ASEAN countries. It has 17 offices located in all 10 ASEAN countries and a team of 700 staff, including 400 consultants and legal professionals that provide legal, advisory, and transactional  services that aims to enhance and secure business opportunities.

The firm is highly revered in the business community, having been designated as trusted business advisors and innovators. It focuses on helping multinational and homegrown companies boost their gains by spreading out into other markets in a cost-effective way within the region. It is credited for their innovating hybrid business scheme adopting convergence and client centric delivery and features a multidisciplinary platform (MDP) model supported by a shared service company, housed within a regional brand.


INNOVATION: FAME Pharmaceuticals Industry Company Limited with Dr. Khin Maung Lwin (MYANMAR)

FAME herbal products revolutionized the health and wellness industry in Myanmar. It boasts of using the finest organic herbs and actively support an eco-friendly environment. At the same time, it ardently promote and significantly contribute to the cultural and economic sustainability of Myanmar’s local farmers. Their raw ingredients are taken from their local herb farm and are subject to the strict regulations of the organic farming practices established by IFOAM, USDA Organic, and Australian Certified Organic. Indubitably, it is up to par with international standards operating under the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by the World Health Organization. It also received a GMP Certificate from the Ministry of Health in Myanmar. FAME guarantees that their herbal supplements are 100% vegetarian and free from artificial colors, synthetic chemicals, insecticides residue, and fertilizer.

In 2010, FAME Pharmaceuticals founded the FAME Clinic which aims to promote the wellness
of the people and the benefit of healthy living. Its practices include the use of Natural and Organic Phyto-medicines as well as the combination of Western and Eastern medicine treatments to address the health problems of their patients. It combats not just diseases, but also advocates and cares for whole body wellness. FAME was also formerly awarded by the ASEAN Business Awards in 2010.



Most Promising Awards

Most Promising Awards

Most Promising Awards

Awarded to enterprises who have shown great potential in becoming champions of entrepreneurship and progress in the midst of the developing state of their country.


Printmartz Advertising, Adrian Tan Vui Shung (BRUNEI)

Printmartz Advertising was established in 2002 as a one-stop shop for Brunei’s local printing needs. The company offers a variety of good quality printing services and also supply corporate gifts, souvenirs, stickers and photobooks. The company is known for its commitment to excellence that goes beyond the finished product. They inspire customer loyalty through building relationship, being solutions-oriented, and honoring deadlines. 


Wing Ltd. Specialised Bank, Jojo Malolos (CAMBODIA)

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is Cambodia’s leading mobile banking services provider with the commitment of providing financial inclusion via mobile banking services to the unbanked and under-banked. Wing is also one of the few specialised banks in the world.

Launched in 2009, Wing has provided ways for Cambodians to send and receive money anytime, anywhere with the use of a mobile phone. Wing’s innovative products and services has also allowed every Cambodian access to financial service such as local money transfer, phone top up, bill payment, Wing Ket Luy and online payment. As such, Wing remains the leading mobile money and electronic payment service provider in Cambodia with 100% district coverage via our Wing Cash Xpresses nationwide.

Wing also provides funds and disbursement solutions to the corporate sector via its enterprise services. With Wing, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and companies can use Wing’s payroll and disbursement services for their employees. This enables Wing to contribute not just in making financial access easy for consumers but allows the growth of SMEs and industries in Cambodia where they help enable payment ecosystems.


Phouvong Jewelry, Phouvong Phamisith (LAOS)

Phouvong Jewelry was established 34 years ago in Laos. What started as a small chain of jewelry shops grew into a widely popular brand in the country. They currently sell a plethora of designs made from gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems. They place primacy on the quality of their products—believing that their customers are valuable and not to be exploited. The company also believes in constant innovation in the rapidly changing and competitive jewelry industry. Phouvong Jewelry was a previous winner of the ASEAN Jewelry design competition in 2015 and a winner at the Lao Business Awards in 2016. 


Myanmar ComBiz Trading Co., Aung Soe Tha (MYANMAR)

Myanmar Combiz Company was founded in 2005  by Myanmar national entrepreneurs, with its initial business models founded on Information Technology and Communications. Eventually, the company ventured into the business of trade by providing agricultural products like rice and paddy to the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Afterwards, the company expanded its business into Petroleum Products Trading and Distribution, importing vehicles, machineries, construction material and also edible palm oil in Myanmar. In 2007, the company established the Myanmar ComBiz Travels and Tours company which now operates for both inbound and outbound Tours.


Nghia Nippers Corporation, Thi Thu Huang Nguyen (VIETNAM)

In the early 1990s, the products of Nghia Nippers Corporation were introduced to the Vietnam market under the name Nghia Saigon. In 200, Nghia Saigon was incorporated as a limited liability company with the trade name of Kem Nghia (Nghia Nippers) with Mr. Tuan Minh Nguyen as its first Chairman of the Board. Nghia Nippers became Kem Nghia Joint Stock Company in 2008. Throughout the years, he scope of the company has grown and changed. However, it remains to provide consumers with the best products, the most competitive prices, and the best possible service. Consistent hard work, years of experience and skillful technicians have given pride to Nghia Nippers as the leading manufacturer of nail instruments globally.

The company is consistently ranked as one of Vietnam’s 100 strongest brands and is currently the only care instrument brand that has been awarded Consumers’ Choice Award and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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Special Awards

Special Awards

Special Awards

Friends of ASEAN

Recognizes enterprises that have made remarkable (created massive) social and economic impact in the ASEAN community. This special award is given to non-ASEAN companies that have brought sustained (tremendous) growth, innovation and employment to the region through their business excellence and investment.

ANZ logo.png

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. – Philippine Branch, with Anna Green (AUSTRALIA)

ANZ is one of the 5 largest listed companies in Australia and number one bank in New Zealand with market capitalisation of AU$93.4b and total assets of A$896.5 billion as at 31 March 2017.

ANZ has been in Philippines since 1990. Today, ANZ services Institutional and Retail customers from its branch in Makati City. ANZ Philippines is a fully licensed universal bank providing domestic and foreign currency lending, trade and supply chain services, payments and cash management, foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate hedging products, debt capital markets, and retail banking services.

The bank is heavily involved in financial services related to the iron ore trade, one of Australia’s major exports, and also has experience financing large business undertakings, such as Inpex’s Ichthys liquefied natural gas project. Beyond natural resources, it has specialty knowledge in fields in high demand in Asia, such as agriculture and infrastructure, and expects to be able to provide customers with intellectual capital in addition to financial capital.

ANZ is actively expanding in Asia, with the aim of capitalizing on the growing economies in the region.

Prudential logo.png

Prudential Corporation Asia, with Nicolaos Nicolandrou (HONG KONG)

Prudential Corporation Asia is a business unit of Prudential plc (United Kingdom)1, comprising its life insurance operations in Asia, and its asset management business, Eastspring Investments. It is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Prudential is a leading life insurer that spans 12 markets in Asia, covering Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Prudential has a robust multi-channel distribution platform providing a comprehensive range of protection, savings, and investment products to meet the diverse needs of Asian people.

Eastspring Investments manages assets on behalf of retail and institutional investors. It is one of the region’s largest asset managers with a presence in 10 major Asian markets as well as distribution offices in the US and Europe. It has £131 billion in assets under management (as at 30 June 2017) and provides investment solutions across a broad range of asset classes.

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Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd., with Martin Hayes (GERMANY)

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 390,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2016). The company generated sales of 73.1 billion euros in 2016. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing.

Bosch has been present in Southeast Asia since 1922. Today its regional presence includes activities from all three of its business sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, as well as Consumer Goods and Building Technology
Bosch has been strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia by establishing new regional subsidiaries, investing in research and development (R&D), and promoting green technologies.

Bosch is committed to the region, and will continue to enhance its global profile and create more business opportunities to further develop its role as an important technology player in this part of the world.

Green Technology

The Green Technology Award is given to the ASEAN company who has exhibited exceptional commitment into integrating environmentally sustainable practices into their business model and practices

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Imperial Homes Corporation, Emma Imperial (PHILIPPINES)

Every Filipino deserves freedom to enjoy a higher standard of living, is the philosophy of Imperial Homes Corporation (IHC) that inspires to build homes and communities that define quality for three decades now. With its over 40 communities and billions worth of home for the low cost housing segment, IHC made a mark in the real estate industry for pioneering many innovations in home and community building that addresses the preservation of Mother Earth.

IHC in 2015 launched Philippines first solar powered community, Via Verde, in Sto. Tomas, Batangas as its proof of concept. Its 1,000 homes are designed to save up to 42% in energy consumption, 28% in water consumption and 38% in building materials. The solar solution with lithium batteries saves homebuyers 50% of their electricity cost, saves the environment and also increases reliability of service during power outages.

While contributing to the housing backlog, IHC aims to provide a greener solution against the worsening effects of climate change. The solarpowered home does not just provide shelter to homebuyers but it also improves the family income through savings on electricity, savings that can be spent on more aspects of living like education and health, thus improving the quality of life and increasing the family’s chance of success. Solar energy alleviates global warming, helps reduce acid rain and actively contributes to decrease harmful green-house gas emissions.


Legacy Award

Legacy Award

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award is for iconic entrepreneurs who have passionately committed themselves to growth, genuine development and excellence in their national economies while significantly contributing positive impact to the ASEAN Community. These entrepreneurs set the standard of excellence in doing business through the test of time, surpassing challenges, and inspiring others towards success, sustainability and shared prosperity. 


John Gokongwei Jr., JG Summit Holdings Inc. (PHILIPPINES)

J John L. Gokongwei Jr. is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGSHI). The business of JG Summit started in 1957 when Mr. Gokongwei founded  Universal Corn Products, Inc. was established to operate a cornstarch plant in Pasig. Since then, JG Summit has pioneered breakthroughs, broadened its enterprise and stayed at the forefront in every phase of the country’s rise to development – the entrepreneur, who invested in agribusiness and the manufacture of feeds and prime food commodities; the visionary, who channeled resources and expanded into financial services, textile and property, all backbones of a growing economy; the captain of industry, who invested in power, telecommunications, petrochemicals, cement, and air transportation, all requisites for industrialization; the innovator, who continually provides value and fun in snacking; and the new regional multinational, who has embraced the challenge of global competitiveness with zeal. Currently, JG Summit is one of the largest and most diversified Filipino conglomerates, engaged primarily in businesses that serve a growing middle class with rising disposable incomes in the Philippines, South East Asia and Australasia. Its largest subsidiary, Universal Robina Corporation, is one of the fastest growing snackfood and beverage companies in the ASEAN region, serving well-loved quality products with great value for money.

Cebu Pacific Air is the Philippines’ first budget airline and its largest domestic airline carrier with a growing international network reaching Asia, Australia and the Middle East; already projected to serve this year, serving about 18 millions of Filipino workers, tourists and business travelers with affordable and reliable air transportation. Robinsons Land Corporation is a leading mixeduse property developer which offers a network of modern commercial centers, office buildings, hotels, residential condominiums and housing project subdivisions.

JG Summit Petrochemicals is the first and only integrated petrochemical manufacturing operation in the country, which is from naphtha cracking to polymer operations, poised to serve the requirements of the country’s manufacturing sector.
Robinsons Bank is a growing commercial bank positioned for growth as it serves the growing number of suppliers, tenants, distributors, business partners and employees of the entire JG Summit and Robinsons Retail Group.

In addition to these businesses that are majorityowned and managed, JG Summit also has significant minority positions in the Philippines’ largest telecoms company – Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), the Philippines’ largest electricity distributor – Manila Electric Company (Meralco), one of the Philippines’ leading power producers – Global Power Business Corporation (GBP), and one of Singapore’s leading property developers – United Industrial Corporation/Singapore Land.

JG Summit’s place in Philippine business has for its cornerstone a business portfolio of market leaders, a solid financial position, a formidable management team, and a vision of leading the country to global competitiveness and making life better for every Filipino.


Haji Musa Bin Hj Adnin, Adinin Group of Companies (BRUNEI)

 Adinin Group of Companies (AG) commenced with a single fledgling company in mid 1982 which was solely a Trading company under the leadership of its founder and current group Chairman Hj Adnin Bin Pehin Dato Hj Ibrahim. The Trading Company was initially involved in the supply of paint and later on diversified its product portfolio by increasing its vendor list in accordance with the growth of the country.

Hj Musa Bin Hj Adnin, the present Managing Director of Adinin Group of Companies, current Honorary Consul of Mexico in Brunei Darussalam joined his father’s trading company as a young and aspiring business executive immediately after graduation. Together they incorporated several sister concerns which consolidate the Group. AG caters to various business needs and is diversified in their service profile and product offering which aid in supplementing and supporting each other, ensuring a diversified and broad outreach in the local business scenario.

AG’s overall success was achieved when the Brunei Government and Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) implemented their “Local Business Development Framework program”, which was necessary to increase the competency level of local business firms in the country. This development program has been beneficiary to AG and has aided in gathering technical know-how and expertise from BSP in the Oil & Gas Sector and the Government in the civil construction sector. The program as envisaged by BSP and the Government was a major contributing factor to AG’s prolific success and continues the tradition of providing quality through Effective Management.

AG has diversified in its business offering and provides the following range of services e.g. Civil (Major), Fabrication (Major), Electrical & Instrumentation, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Information Technology, Travel Agencies, Manpower supply etc.


Dr. (H.C.) Sudhamek AWS, GarudaFood (INDONESIA)

GarudaFood is Indonesia’s leading food and beverage company formally established in 1990 as PT Tudung Putra Jaya, with the simultaneous release of its first product known as “Kacang Garing Garuda” (roasted peanut). Afterwards, PT Sinar Niaga Sejahtera (SNS) was established to serve as the company’s own distribution division. Through the years, it expanded its reach outside of the Java islands and added more products into its repertoire, venturing into the beverage business, and other food brands. In 2006, PT Tudung Putra Putri Jaya (Tudung Group) was established as the holding company and the Group launched new premium products such as Chocolatos, and Wafelatos. Subsequently, it entered into the production of functional drink, confectionery, and dairy goods. According to Euro Monitor, GarudaFood Group dominated the nuts market and maintained the leading position in sweet and savory snacks in terms of retail value share in the years 2009 and 2010. Following its growing success, it established 2 joint venture companies: PT Suntory Garuda Beverage with Suntory Japan, and Garuda Polyflex Foods Private Limited with Polyflex India. The company continues to release new and exciting products to be enjoyed by consumers in Indonesia and abroad.

GarudaFood International is at the forefront of the International Business Division and an integral part of GarudaFood in expanding to the global market. Some of the brands such as Garuda peanuts and Gery Biscuits are currently being exported internationally. Notably, its export reach cuts across several countries located in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Australia & the Pacific Islands. The Group has cooperated with distributors in several ASEAN countries, specifically targeting regional business development in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. GarudaFood also aims to develop an online presence through marketing and product penetration with the use of different e-commerce websites. Remarkably, the Group is a recipient of many prestigious awards such as Indonesia Living Legend Company 2016, Indonesia Most Admired Company (IMACO), and SNI Award, among others. Dr. (HC) Sudhamek AWS, SH, SE is the former CEO and present Chairman of GarudaFood. He is also the Chairman of DAW Group, a business engaged in natural resources and energy industries. President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia has twice inducted Mr. Sudhamek as a member of The National Economy and Industry Committee (KEIN) and a member of the Steering Council of The UKP-PIP, together with Madam Megawati Sukarno Putri, until 2019. He is also active as the Secretary of the Advisory Council of APINDO. As a pluralism activist, he has founded ICRP (Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace) together with the Late President of the Republic of Indonesia (1998-2000), Abdurrahman Wahid.

Some of his notable achievements include: The Most Admired CEO (2004-2007) of Big Companies Executives by ‘Warta Ekonomi Magazine,’ Ernst & Young Indonesia Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, and 11 Top Executives 2011 by ‘Eksekutif Magazine.’ With education as one of his main advocacies, Mr. Sudhamek established Global Sevilla Schools in 2002, together with the Late Nurcholish Madjid. He is also the President Director of the Central National Plus School, which integrates character building and academic excellence. The schools’ unique differentiation is their emphasis on the “mindfulness practices” and social awareness. 


Rattana Prathoumvan, EDL Generation Public Company (LAOS)

Based in the Vientiane Capital of Lao, Mrs. Rattana Prathoumvan graduated with a degree in Public Administration from the National Institute of Development Administration in Bangkok, Thailand and a Master of Transmission Line and Substation in Donesk, Union of Soviet Former. She has undertaken a series of trainings all over the world, inclusive of, but not limited to Management of HP Development in Sweden, Financing and Project Economic in ICH Norway, and Direct Certification Program in Bangkok. At present, she is the Managing Director, and Deputy Managing Director or Chief Operating Officer of the Electricity Du Laos-Generation Public Company (EDL-GEN). 

EDL-GEN is an electricity generating business, whose mission is to effectively serve the Lao Nation as well as other nations across the Southeast Asian region with a rational electricity price. Mrs. Rattana Prathoumvan is also currently a Member of its Board of Directors, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors for Nam Lik 1-2 Hydropower Company Limited, and Lower Houay Lamphanh Hydropower Company Limited. As one of its leaders, she has contributed significantly to the actualization of the company’s vision of becoming a first class company of Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) in order to effectively and timely guarantee and respond to social and economic development needs of the Lao PDR.

Through her work with EDL-GEN, Mrs. Rattana Prathoumvan has provided support to the actualization of the 2025 Economic Community Vision of integration. In line with this, and under her leadership, the work of EDL-GEN is guided with a desire to build LAO-PDR as the Electricity Generator of the ASEAN, thereby contributing to the sustainable development growth of electric security in the region. In 2016, the Standard Charter recognized EDL-GEN for its successful efforts in becoming the first foreign corporate issuer to carry out cross-border transactions in Thailand, raising USD in the markets. For this, Mrs. Rattana Prathoumvan took pride in seeing a step towards market integration between Laos and Thailand – proof of movement towards the achievement of the ASEAN Economic Community goals.

While the current success of both Ms. Rattana Prathoumvan and EDL-Gen is indeed remarkable, it is also important to know that these successes are fruits of a humble beginning in the 1980’s, when she first entered as a technical staff member at its Sysakhet Branch. Working a little over two decades as a technical staff in EDL-Gen’s various departments, it was loyalty to the company, together with passion for its work, persistence for excellence, and love for learning that Ms. Rattana Prathoumvan eventually grew to become the Director of its Development Office by 2004. It was from there that the succeeding years saw her steady ascent from Director of Operation, Transmission Line and Substation Project and Hydro Power Project to Director of Operation Department, Hydro Power Project to her current position, Managing Director of EDL-Gen Public Company. It was from there that her triumphs grew, and later became potential avenues for growth and prosperity not only for a nation, but also a region’s.



Goh Peng Ooi, Silverlake Axis Limited (MALAYSIA)

Mr. Goh founded Silverlake in 1989, and through his foresight on the future of technology demands of the Banking industry, he has built Silverlake Group to be a leading provider of stateof-the-art universal banking solutions, with presence in over 20 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Through Mr. Goh’s vision, the Group has won various significant awards throughout the past 26 years including Forbes’ Best Under A Billion (2015), The Asian Banker Vendor Satisfaction Survey Gold Award 2014, Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion – Best of the Best” Award in 2013, and industry recognitions including the various IBM awards.

In recognition of his entrepreneurial excellence, Mr. Goh was bestowed the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia Award twice – the Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia in 2005; and more recently the Master Entrepreneur of the Year Malaysia Award in 2014. In 2015, he was conferred a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Information Technology by the World Chinese Economic Summit.

Aside from his professional achievements, Mr. Goh is very much involved in academics – particularly in Science and Mathematics. He is particularly interested in the research of the Science of Intelligence and its application to Human Actions and Economy, and where possible enjoys giving talks in various schools of higher learning. Over the years, Mr. Goh has worked on and perfected his own research which he refers to as “Goh Mathematical Social Economy (Goh MSE) Theory,” the basis in which the Silverlake Group is founded upon.

Mr. Goh is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), a Member of the ASM Science and Technology and Industry
Linkage Committee, an adviser of the ACCCIM Science, Technology and Innovations Committee, sits on the Board of Governors for IACT College Malaysia and is an Industry Advisor of the Faculty of Engineering and Science in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman as well as part of the Leading Thinkers Group in Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Member of the Board of Governors of First City University College.

Prior to forming Silverlake Group, Mr. Goh worked with IBM Malaysia. He held several senior positions over his 9 years career at IBM, his last being Marketing Manager for Banking and Finance Industry. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (Major in Electronics) at the University of Tokyo on a Mombusho Scholarship in 1980.
Mr. Goh currently holds directorships in a number of his private investment companies. He does not hold any directorships in other listed companies


Aung Ko Win, Kanbawza Bank (MYANMAR)

Kanbawza Bank, established by Chairman U Aung Ko Win in 1994, is Myanmar’s largest private commercial bank. Since its formation, it has been run as a family business, with its Directors determined to uphold and integrate its family’s core values. Its vision is to become Myanmtar’s premier bank with a wide variety of products and services and to transform itself into a world-class company that satisfies international standards. It pursues an intelligent and sustainable growth strategy, aiming to represent itself in the ASEAN region and on a global level, not just as a model company, but also as a responsible corporate citizen. Its policy includes the incorporation of sustainable development in its initiatives and recognizes the Group’s responsibility to Myanmar’s long-term growth. Its Directors acknowledge the need for capacity building efforts and community aid programs and hope to achieve the flourishing of Myanmar’s tradition in a free market economy. Its motto “Strength of Myanmar” is in consonance with such philosophy, committing itself to enhancement of the national economic and social development of the country. Currently, it has more than 500 branches across the country and has been awarded Bank of the Year in Myanmar for four consecutive years. In 2016 alone, KBZ Bank was crowned with the title of “Best Bank in Myanmar” by London’s Euromoney, “Best Bank in Myanmar” by Finance Asia, and “World Quality Commitment” by Spain’s Initiative Directions.

Kanbawza actively advocates for Corporate Social Responsibility and in line with this, created the KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFM), the Group’s social initiative arm. It is the recipient of prestigious awards such as “the best Philanthropic Organization in Myanmar in 2015,” and the “Euromoney Achievement Award for CSR 2015.” Notably, it is the first and only foundation in Asia to receive the latter award. Its mission includes the betterment of the socioeconomic conditions of the underdeveloped community members and to contribute to the eradication of poverty through its five pillars: Disaster Relief and Recovery, Women’s Health and Empowerment, Environmental Conservation, Education Enhancement and Community Development and Engagement. These social commitments carried out through various projects and initiatives strengthen the the objectives and the realization of the goals of the Foundation.

U Aung Ko Win is one of Myanmar’s most successful entrepreneurs and successfully steered the Kanbawza Bank to the top of the banking industry. He is also the Founder of the Kanbawza Group of Companies, one of Myanmar’s leading conglomerates with over 80,000 employees. The KBZ Group’s core principal is centered on strengthening Myanmar and its people. U Aung Ko Win is the Patron (Chairman Emeritus/Honorary Chairman) of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), Myanmar Gem and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association, Myanmar Football Federation, Border Areas Development Association, Anti-Narcotics Association (Shan State), and Myanmar-Japan Association. He is also a Member of The World  Economic Forum. He is a recipient of the State Excellence Awards for the years 2013-2015, bestowed by the president of Myanmar for his contributions to the country. He is also a recipient of the Special Honorary State Excellence Award for the years 2014 and 2015 for the largest contribution to Myanmar State Tax & Revenue Department and for community donations. In 2015, he was awarded Banker of the Year in Asia by World Finance.


Wee Cho Yaw, United Overseas Bank (SINGAPORE)

The doyen of Singapore’s business and banking community, Dr Wee Cho Yaw has had a long and close association with ASEAN.
In 1979, Dr Wee became the first Singaporean to assume the presidency of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI). He was also the founding Co-Chairman of the ASEAN-Japan Business Council.

A firm believer of the business potential of ASEAN, Dr Wee extended his banking empire into the region. Besides growing the United Overseas Bank (UOB) founded by his father in 1935 by acquiring five banks in Singapore, he bought two banks in Thailand, two in Indonesia and one in the Philippines.  In addition, the UOB Group has incorporated banks in Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as branches in Brunei and Myanmar.  Today, UOB Group has 500 offices and branches worldwide, of which more than 90% are based in ASEAN.

For his business contributions in the region, Dr Wee was named ASEAN Businessman of the Year in 1995 by the ASEAN Business Forum.  In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Asian Bankers’ Association.

In Singapore, Dr Wee is not only a successful banker and entrepreneur whose business interests extend to property, hotel and pharmaceutical
industries, he is also an active community leader and philanthropist. He joined the UOB Board in 1958 and became the Bank’s managing director two years later.  He helmed the Bank as Chairman and CEO from 1974.  Under him, UOB Group’s assets expanded from S$2.8 billion to S$340 billion over the next five decades.  The Group’s market value rose from S$320 million to S$33 billion.

In recognition of his business acumen and entrepreneurial achievements, as well as his civic contributions, the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University conferred Dr Wee with an Honorary Doctor of Letters in 2008 and 2014 respectively. In 2011, he was conferred the Distinguished Service Order, the highest national day award given by the Singapore Government that year.

Dr Wee has always attributed his success to his passion for banking and his being “at the right place, at the right time”. But when Dr Wee was named Singapore Businessman of the Year for a second time in 2001, the then Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and the current Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong said this of the man.

“Wee Cho Yaw is one of Singapore’s shrewdest bankers and businessmen.  He has instinctive business sense, and a nose for opportunity and danger.  His clear-headed assessment of prospects and his decisiveness in execution have helped build up the UOB Group into a leading bank in Singapore.”

Dr Wee stepped down as UOB’s CEO in 2007 and as Chairman in 2013 because he firmly believes that a smooth leadership transition is essential for the future growth and development of all organisations. However, he continues to use his lifelong experience for the benefit of the Group as UOB’s Chairman Emeritus and Adviser.


Sakchai Unchittikul, Srichiengmai Industry Company (THAILAND)

Srichegmai Industry was the first manufacturer of Tomato Products in Thailand which was founded in 1978. Srichengmai Industry started producing baby food in retort pouch in 2011 and was the first baby food manufacturer in ASEAN utilizing retort pouch. Currently, the company has also been exporting to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 

The company is the leading manufacturer in the tomato ketchup industry where its standard is certified domestically and internationally.

In 1980, Mr. Jaktei Unjittikul started trading tomatoes and encouraged farmers in the North East of Thailand to grow tomatoes. To provide increased value for the tomato farmers, SAI set up a factory, the first of its kind in the North East of Thailand. Constructed with state of the art tomato processing equipment from Italy, initial orders were to provide tomato paste, which remains the key product to this day, to manufacturers of tinned sardines and tomato ketchup producer, Heinz, to whom SAI still provides tomato paste.

Since the start of operations, close collaborations with farmers have been the foundation of SAI’s successes and SAI continues to operate a contract farming approach through which farmers in the area surrounding the factory, provide high quality raw materials in exchange for financial support and agricultural know-how from SAI. The company’s contract farming network currently consists of around 4,000 farming families.

As the first Thai tomato paste factory to receive international certification for HACCP, GMP and HALAL, SAI has grown to be the leading Thai supplier of Tomato and other fruit and vegetable products to both the domestic and international market, particularly Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. As well as acting as an OEM, SAI also has its own brand of tomato paste and diced tomatoes, “Buck Lane”, which is the word for Tomato in Thailand’s North Eastern dialect.

logo BRG.jpg

Le Thu Thuy, BRG Group, (VIETNAM)

A Vietnam national, Mrs. Le Thu Thuy is equipped with over ten years of experience in management and governance of the banking sector. Having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial and Banking and Business Administration at the George Mason University in the United States of America, Ms. Le Thu Thuy later went on to become the Vice Standing Chairman of the Southeast Asia Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Sea Bank), a leading nationwide commercial joint stock bank that provides full range of banking services to both retail and corporate customers. Mrs. Le Thu Thuy has also contributed significantly to the development of the BRG Group, serving now as its Vice Chairman. The BRG group is a multi-sector economic group inclusive of business in industries such as Real Estate, Finance, Golf Courses, Hospitality, and Commerce. While the BRG Group companies continue to be leaders in their respective sectors, it has also been an avenue for employment, having more than 15,600 employees across its countries of operation.

Mrs. Le Thu Thuy plays an invaluable role in both the development of Viet Nam and that of the ASEAN region. She demonstrates active participation by vigorously encouraging and promoting the capability of the Vietnamese entrepreneur community, particularly the women. As a leader of one of Viet Nam’s largest group of companies, Mrs. Le Thu Thuy uses her leverage to convey the private sector’s opinions and recommendations to some of the country’s leaders and decision-makers so as to bring rise to the creation of policies that lead to integration, and effect sustainable growth. These efforts and contributions to the social economic development of Viet Nam and the ASEAN have not gone unrecognized as she continues to be the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards such as the Promising Banking Leader of 2016 given by The Asian Banker, the Most Active Leader of the Year 2016 and Best Young Woman Banking Leader Vietnam 2015, both awarded by the International Finance Magazine, the 2015 ASEAN Outstanding Business conferred by the Union of Vietnam Friendship Organizations and the 2015 Merit Certificate for Achievements in Emulation of Enterprise Sector from the Hanoi People’s Committee.

Alongside her many accomplishments, Mrs. Le Thu Thuy puts value in giving back to the community. As an active participant of both social and charity activities in Viet Nam, she has sponsored scholarships, contributed to the local study promotion fund, helped in the organization of a Golf Tournament whose proceeds go to children in Vietnam, participated in blood donation activities, and helped individuals and families belonging to disadvantaged communities throughout the country.

The ASEAN-BAC is proud to confer the Legacy Award to Mrs. Le Thu Thuy, for her significant contributions in support of both national and regional growth, and for her many years of work that have shown how commitment to excellence and the drive for sustainable growth, together with passion, are essential variables in withstanding challenges and tests of time in the rapidly changing and unsteady world of business. 


Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur of the year Award

Outstanding business owner who has demonstrated significant success through leadership , market positioning and company performance.


Dennis Uy of Udenna Corporation (PHILIPPINES)

For nine years, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) has recognized the important role that the youth play in the growth of the region’s economy. Through the ASEAN Business Awards (ABA), particularly the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the council puts a spotlight on the endeavors and accomplishments of business owners below the age of 45 who have demonstrated significant success through their leadership, market positioning, and company performance.

Entrepreneurship has now become a major career choice for young adults; with many of them using the advancements in technology to overcome challenges brought about by the current structures and systems. In place of this, they create new business models that increase opportunities for people within the region to enhance their skills as well as local market capacity. The vital role that the youth play in shaping the economic community of the region through dynamic business models paved the way for the establishment of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council (AYEC).

Youth entrepreneur organizations from each member state recognize the unique characteristics and requirements of their enterprises, as well as its potential to contribute more to the ASEAN integration. Through the AYEC, they are able to influence future policies by echoing to a largescale audience of decision makers in the ASEAN the concerns of the youth on the increasing need for investment and support in young entrepreneurship. By mandate, the council also established the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association (AYEA). The AYEA creates opportunities for national-level young entrepreneur associations and organizations of the member states to network and learn from best practices that later promote innovation.

The region has seen many young entrepreneurs like Htun Htun Naing (Young Entrepreneur Award Winner 2014) of Blue Ocean Operating Group, Thadoe Hein (Young Entrepreneur Award Winner 2015) of the Myanmar Awba Group, and Win Win Tin of City Mart’s Holdings Co. (Young Entrepreneur Award Winner 2016) who see the need to capitalize on new technology but also push for sustainability and inclusivity in the forging of business models that are truly going to have potential to contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the region.

The ASEAN-BAC is proud to confer the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Mr. Dennis A. Uy of Udenna Corporation. Under the leadership of Mr. Uy, Udenna Corporation grew from a humble, provincial business to one with national reach in petroleum, shipping, logistics, distribution, real estate and environmental service. A recipient of this award, Mr. Dennis Uy and his success story, serve as a catalyst for both awareness on the proliferating opportunities to engage in entrepreneurial activities, and innovation to create new business models that increase competitiveness of local markets thus driving for economic growth of the region.


Women Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Women Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Women Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Outstanding business owner who has demonstrated significant success through leadership, market positioning and company performance.


Sirina Sisombat-Hervy of Sinouk Coffee (LAO PDR)

The growth and prosperity envisioned by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) looks to build on structures that are inclusive and empowering rather than oppressive. ASEAN understands that poverty in the region is addressed by vigorously reducing vulnerability through capacitation, particularly for disadvantaged populations. ASEAN together with international organizations, and through the ASEAN Committee on Women (ACW) and ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations (ACWO) has continuously worked to address issues on violence and discrimination against women as well as advocate for gender equality and inclusivity. As part of a cooperative agreement between the two, the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (AWEN) was established.

The AWEN is comprised of businesswomen in the region who work to enhance women’s capacities through collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience, specifically in the field of fostering women’s enterprises. The network has increased for all its member states the opportunities for social interaction which lead to the exchange of challenges encountered, lessons learned, best practices, and recommendations for future business endeavors. The ASEAN Women’s Business Conference held in March 2017 and organized by the AWEN in partnership with the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines. The conference highlighted the value of technology and innovation as a means for women to grow their businesses and later heighten their leverage in the drafting of policies that promote wider acceptance of women’s participation in society and gender equality.

The move towards gender equality is in line with the ASEAN Economic Community Vision for 2025 of a more resilient, inclusive, people oriented, and people-centered community. To strengthen inclusivity and highlight the valuable role that women entrepreneurs play in economic growth and prosperity within the region, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEANBAC) has created opportunities for these women entrepreneurs to participate and be recognized in
its premier events, such as the ASEAN Business Awards (ABA). The ABA, through the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes its recipient for being an outstanding business owner who has demonstrated significant success through leadership, market positioning, and company performance.

Listing the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a major category in the ABA has reinforced the ASEAN’s shift towards an economic growth propelled by a gender equal society. Ms. Sirina Hervy, Managing Director of Laos-based company Sinouk Coffee, is 2017’s winner of the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Ms. Hervy’s leadership in Sinouk Coffee has inspired continuous innovation that has led the company to increase its competitive advantage through the provision of quality coffee made from unique and pioneer lao-based products. It is our hope that her story reaches a far audience and inspires fellow women to continue enhancing their skills and empowering themselves thereby contributing to the prosperity of the region.


Inclusive Business Award

Inclusive Business Award

Inclusive Business Award

The ASEAN Inlcusive Business Award is given to the company who has exhibited innovation in their value-chain, financial sustainability, scalability/replicability of their business model, and their impact on the Base-of-Pyramid or low-lying communities.


Teodoro Ferrer of Erikagen Inc. (PHILIPPINES)

Generika is a pioneer retail drugstore that went into generic medicines and services. Twelve years ago, only branded medicines were being patronized by Filipinos. Generika saw the need to set up a company to specifically address the market gap of quality, affordable generic medicines that caters to the means of the bottom of the pyramid communities while providing superior customer service and a strong sense of social purpose.

Generika’s target market is comprised of the middle and lower income classes and when combined, accounts for about 90% of the population in the Philippines.

Today, Generika has expanded to over 690 stores across the Philippines, and has increased access to affordable quality medicines, offering customers savings of 85% versus branded equivalents.


The ASEAN Economic Ministers

The ASEAN Economic Ministers

ASEAN Economic Ministers

The ASEAN Economic Ministers gathered on September 4, 2017 in the Philippines for the 49th ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting, led by H.E. Ramon M. Lopez, the Philippine Secretary of Trade and Industry. On the day of the ASEAN Business Awards ceremony, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council gives honor to the ministers from the 10 ASEAN Member States who are leading and doubling the efforts to deepen regional economic integrations and facilitate equitable economic development towards prosperity for all.